The Problem

I just got an e-mail from a well-intentioned practitioner the other day. She went to a seminar, got excited and plunked down $20,000 on a partial laser system that she really hasn’t been able to implement into her practice very well.THIS IS SAD!!!

How she wishes she would have CONSULTED WITH US FIRST! We could have saved her OVER $16,000 by referring her to different companies that we’ve either researched or bought lasers from. Yes, for a mere $3,800 she could have owned two comparable lasers to the ones she owns. I used the term “partial laser system” above because based on her needs, she really needs one more cold laser device to round out her clinic’s laser therapy needs. Therefore, when the funds become available for her, I’ll happily point her in the right direction so she can go on to acquire the third laser to round out her “complete LLLT system” for less than $800.

The bottom line is that if you CONSULT WITH US, before buying your cold laser or lasers, WE will advise you as to what the right laser (or lasers) are for your individual practice’s needs. The cost for our consulting service is $249. And we’re yours (ie, we’re only a phone call, text message or email away) for the next 90 days. Once you become a client, you’ll also be included in our Find A Cold Laser Therapist directory, with a PREMIUM listing.

Had the above physician consulted with us first, she would be $15,200 richer right now and would be the proud owner of 3 (not just 2) cold laser therapy devices.

Yes, by hiring US, she would have in essence experienced a shocking 60:1 return on investment (ie, $15,200/$250). She also wouldn’t be hanging her head low and feeling like she just got taken advantage of by a slick cold laser salesman!